Sunday, December 27, 2009

Did you survive Christmas?

We had a wonderful holiday, filled with family and friends and lots of laughter and good food! 

Everyone cut back on their gift spending this year, and no one seemed to notice.  My family always draws names for our gift exchange, and the nephew who got our name hit a homerun with an assortment of blue and brown towels and wash clothes.  They will look really nice in the newly remodeled bathroom!

I, of course, had to make a "little something" for the girls in the family so decided on the cute little 3"x3" thank you cards that I saw online.  I went a bit further and made a matching box to put them in, and then made a larger box to put that box in with a little bag of a yummy trail mix.  Everyone seemed to like them alot.  The 3"x3" cards are such a cute size and one I don't make alot of.  Why don't I?  Beats me! :-)  Aren't they cute?

I am taking a break from preparing for my Sunday Stampers stamp club meeting later this afternoon.  2-3" of snow is forecast, so fingers crossed everyone can get here with no trouble.  I have two of my four projects cut and prepped.  Getting ready to go in an prepare directions for the easel card which is sorta the technique for this month, then will only need one more.  Stamp clubs are so fun!  All three of my clubs are great, and they would disagree, but each is talented in their own way.  I love seeing their take on my samples.  Such fun!

Enjoy the rest of your holiday week.  Tomorrow is back to work!


  1. Cute idea!!!! Love the box, would love a pattern!!!

    Have a terrific Sunday afternoon, and a Happy Monday!!

  2. Can't wait until Stamp Club!!!! Is it the end of January yet?


  3. Love the boxes! So pretty! I, too, enjoy creating the 3x3 cards...but don't do that as often as other sizes!! Glad your Christmas was wonderful!