Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

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I couldn't let the year close without wishing you all a Happy New Year!  Isn't it amazing how quickly this year of 2009 went by?  Today I've been thinking back over the year to see what happened and was surprised to remember the following:

*  Last January we had a 13" snow fall and my office closed for two days.
* My DH lost his job right before the new year, so we were still adjusting to a single paycheck.
* I had an outbreak of cold sores on my upper lip that matched no other. Boy did they hurt! Ouch!
*I did LOTS of workshops this past year
*Added the Shelbyville Stampers stamp club to the mix - can you say FUN?
* Took a Florida vacation in May...where it proceeded to R-A-I-N for 6 of the 7 days we were there.
* I did a re-design on the blog.  I still love my new look!
* Because of all my customers and friends, I walked the stage at Convention for the $20K award!
* In August had a week-long round of the flu, which in retrospect, I think was the H1N1 variety!
* Held another successful Summer Stampede.
* DH found work at Menards in late July.
* November had me posting EVERY DAY mentioning something I was thankful for.  28 out of 30 days!
*Excited to have my bathroom totally remodeled!
*Yesterday, traded cars!  Kept to a Saturn VUE, but had to give up the bird on the back! :-(

Pretty, huh?

So, alot happened in MY year 2009.  I challenge each of you to think back and name 5 things that come to mind of things that you remember.  I can't wait to see what 2010 brings.  It will be back to WeightWatchers for me on Saturday, then I will set up my Wii Fit Plus to start my exercise regimen.  Ambitious, I know.

Happy New Year, Everyone!


    5 things huh?...taking care of my family, spending time with my friends, helping a wonderful SU demonstrator that is more than a demonstrator and friend reach a goal, cleaning my home, doing what I love...creating and giving it away!!! Sounds silly remember these, but that is what made up 2009 and I would not have changed any of it, even to dance with Donnie Osmond!!!! :-)

  2. Happy New Year. Looks like a spiffy new car.

    Here are my 5 things for 2009. I have more but these are the biggest ones:
    Birth of my son Parker, bedrest for 6 long weeks, ceiling fall in lead to new roof, new furnace/ac and braces!

    See you Sunday!

  3. You really did have an eventful year Kathy. Mine was pretty quiet really, but will look through the calendar to see what happened LOL.
    Love the car btw :)

  4. Happy new year Kathy! wow, I like how you highlighted your year. Nice car; don't come to FL now, it's cold here (about 40!!) I know, it's not THAT cold, but to this warm loving gal, it's freezing. I've been here too long, can't take the cold. Here's too another year looking in on your blog. I enjoy it so.

  5. LOVE the new car!

    Lisa C.

  6. Let's see I satarted off 2009 unemployed, In Feb, March, and April I had one of my cats die. In May my mother and I bought a used car from some friends at church - drove it 13 miles - yes, just 13 miles and it broke down and it cost another $300 to get it fixed. I got a job in May, which I still have and love. I have a great craft room and about a month ago we found out we may have to move because of our animals. 2010 couldn't come soon enough. Kev