Friday, February 05, 2010

Flower Buds?

When you look at this card, can you make a guess on what punch is used to make the flower and the buds?

Can you imagine that all parts of this cardfront is made using the new Extra Large Bird Punch?  Amazing!

I have a whole Google Reader full of blogs that I follow and get inspiration from and when I saw this on Jackie Topa's blog I was dumbfounded!  Other than the branches actually being the branch part of the punch, the big flower and the buds and bud bases are using the WING of the bird!  See, I told you Jackie was amazing!

Here is a close up of the bud so you can see the two pieces....the actual full wing, point out, and the bud base.
 Look closely and you will see the bud base is made by punching a wing, then slightly moving that same piece of cardstock a bit so it looks similar to this....

I am totally amazed by people who can look at ordinary things and see totally different uses for that item.  We so need those people, and I am so grateful that SU! demos are so ready to share their ideas! 

Thanks, Jackie for allowing me to totally copy your card!

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  1. Kathy I had a great time making this card, though my second one did not turn out as well as the one we did in class!!!! See, you have the magic touch!!