Sunday, February 14, 2010

Passport to Success?

Many of you know that the company I work for holds an annual meeting in April to thank all the volunteers who sit on the various committees for the Central Indiana First Steps program. 

I get to create the invitations and table decorations, as well as the certificates, awards and holders.  This will be my third year to do this, and it is a big deal!  Everything must coordinate and as a result, I get to be creative! 

The invitation list is about 200, with those actually attending around 85 or so.  I just put together the prototype for this year's invitation and got it approved to go ahead and make.  Doesn't it look like a real passport? 

I have ordered a 2" custom stamp of our logo, so that may be embossed in gold on the front instead of the flourish as shown here.  I printed the "Passport to Success" on gold cardstock in navy ink, then clear embossed so the ink wouldn't smear.  Then I sponged gold ink around the edges of the passport to distress it a bit, and I think it turned out really well.

My order of supplies will be here tomorrow, and the logo stamp should be arriving in another few days, so I will be able to get these babies cranking!  I have until the end of the first week in March to get these in the mail, so I will have to modock to get all the embossing done!  The great thing is that I get to make these "on the clock" in effect....I get paid to stamp! 

Life is sweet!!


  1. Awesome Kathy! I needed that idea three years ago for a Senior Celebration at church!!! I will keep it in mind! We will be going back to the theme in a year or so!!

  2. sounds like you have my dream job, the invites look really good. Can't wait to see the rest.

  3. I love the invitations and that is really exciting that you are able to be creative as you work!! How fun!
    Angel Hugs,