Monday, March 08, 2010

June Calendar Pages

Another month of the calendar to share....June. 

When we were in Tampa Bay last May...hey that rhymes!...we stayed at a Hyatt resort that had a Nature Preserve on the grounds.  It was very cool to walk the boardwalk way back into the trees and water near the shore.

There were tiny crabs and chameleons everywhere, in addition to the birds and flowers.  This month I concentrated various pictures from that boardwalk and treasures we found along the way.  It was so peaceful along the boardwalk, no traffic noises, no phones ringing, just the birds singing and tweeting.  We made several trips down the boardwalk....just perfect! 

Hope you agree!

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  1. Love the bridge behind the calendar itself!! Forget store with the crown on the's Kathy's Kreations ;-) all the way!!!