Monday, April 12, 2010

Giggles for the Garden

While I love to garden and adore the results with the blooming flowers and tasty vegetables, I have to admit I have become soooo lazy in my old age!  Weeding and such is just too much work lately.  So I will have to get my inspiration from other places I guess.

I did spend an afternoon recently constructing these cute "Garden Giggles" through a tutorial I purchased from Gretchen Barron.  Are they not adorable?

There are actually two or three more,  but I haven't had time to get those assembled yet.  These just make me smile when I look at them!  How about you?  Here are individual close ups - Butterfly (see Christy, I used my die!), Ladybug (my favorite) and Worm:

Don't you love the hair?  Frayed grosgrain ribbon...and the whites of the eyes?  Can you guess?  Yep...the wing from the new Bird punch!

I do "giggle" when I look at these....hope they brighten your day!


  1. These are so very cute. It is amazing the items that can be made with all the wonderful punches.

  2. Way too cute!!! Boy I need to add to my punches!!!!! You are amazing Kathy!!!

  3. They are cute when you first look at them - then they start looking evil!!! Or maybe it's just me!

    Punches rock!!!


  4. Your ideas are just fantastic. Good work!