Monday, June 14, 2010

Where has the time gone?

My goodness!  Where has the week gone?  I have been busy reorganizing my inks and accessories to separate the one that are staying from the ones that are going, since I can still demo those for another couple of weeks.  I will definitely be having a great sale at my New Catty Open House on July 10th!  We also have been busy working in the yard, trying to get brush and bushes all cleared out.  We had a landscaper/tree service guy and his crew work last Friday afternoon....yes, in all that heat!  Here are a few before and after photos....I think it was money well spent to get us out of the jungle.

 Do you believe these last two pictures?  Yikes!  You couldn't even see the privacy fence in the first picture because of the overgrowth!  We still have lots of work to do to get it to look nice again, but at least it isn't so overwhelming.  Well worth the money spent!

 I had Shelbyville Stamp club yesterday and we did some fun projects, but I can't share with you yet since I have two more clubs at the end of the month that will do the same projects. But as I was searching for something stamping related to share with you, I came across the Mother's Day card my sweet DIL made for me this year....and in my favorite colors!


  1. Yard looks great Kathy!!!! The card is so sweet and simple! I will have to use that idea for my shut ins!!! Can't wait to see the new SU items!!!!

  2. What an amazing difference. The gardening guys really did a very thorough job.
    Lovely card from a lovely DIL :)