Saturday, July 24, 2010

Convention is almost over!

I'm still in Salt Lake City, Utah for the annual Stampin' Up! convention.  Today is the last day, and I will head home tomorrow morning.

I apologize for not posting while I have been here, but I am totally bummed that the small laptop I brought to share happenings with you, which is my older one, doesn't have a card slot for my camera's memory card!  Drat!  So I have all these wonderful photos and cannot share with you!

Anyway, I'm sure you have seen some of the happenings on other blogs, so I feel better that I haven't totally let you down.  These few days have been filled with great classes and inspiration, not only from the demonstrations, but from the networking with other demos that goes on constantly.

I've met some wonderful new friends while here, from Colorado, Illinois, and a group from Alberta, Canada who adopted me from the first day.  That is one of the awesome things about Stampin' Up demos! There are no strangers.  I was able to get my picture taken when I walked stage for the $20K award, I just hope it turned out well.  I will share that once I get it.

Yesterday was the continental breakfast with Shelli and the Corporate team for the Recruit Crew graduates.  I think  they said there were about  280 of us there.  It was such a nice perk...then we also got priority seating for the general session, so we didn't have to rush in to find a good seat!

Today is our last day, with game shows and demonstrations, another business class, and last chance to shop in Memento Mall....although I can't go there anymore...busted the budget there already!  :-D  I will spend some time taking photos of the display boards and the Bakery Shoppe items.  You will oooh and ahhh when I share those pictures!

Today also marks the start of Utah's "Days of'47" celebration.  There will be a parade (which I will miss because I will be in the Convention Center), but I am hoping to get a good view of the fireworks display later this evening.  My fingers are crossed that I am on the right side of the hotel!

I have to go now...time to trek over to where all the fun is happening.  I'll post again after I get home and then will have some photos to share! 

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  1. Anxious to hear and see all the wonderful things of convention!!! Hugs!!