Thursday, October 07, 2010

Another day at sea...

Giving us a chance to recover from the past two exciting days, we are cruising the Caribbean ocean all day today, on our way to Dominica.  We have been so lucky to have ports we have never been to before.  The Southern Caribbean is our favorite cruise, this is the third one we have been on!

So, on board today you will see a lot of eating, some napping, some reading, some swimming, and some more eating.  :-)

Speaking of food...

Did I ever share this photo from Convention of the candies made from our cardstock and embellishments?  Don't they look good enough to eat?  I am amazed at what people think of, and then figure out how to do it!


  1. Enough with the chocolate pictures! LOL Glad you are having fun!

    Lisa C.

  2. Glad you are having a great time. I am looking forward to our cruise (my 1st)in Feb 2011. Thanks for sharing with us.