Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 10...I'm grateful for...

...insects!  I know, that's stretching it a bit, right?  Really, though, I have always been fascinated with insects, mainly praying mantis. They were my "pets" back when I was young.  The family story is that when I was about 12 or so, I had a large praying mantis that I kept in the plants on our front porch.  I named her "Dixie", and when I got home from school would go over to the plant and call and she would come out to the top of the leaves.  Last evening, we found this beauty on our screen door....quite a large one, and unusual for them to still be out this late in the year. Seriously, insects do play a big part in our environment.  Although there are some that I think we could do without!

My card today comes from one of the designer kits in My Digital Studio.  I changed up the sentiment and the focal point, using the oval punch and drop shadows to make the pumpkin. It's fun to see how the look changes when you add the drop shadow. 

I have finally finished my entry into the My Digital Studio contest that Stampin' Up! is sponsoring, and I will send it off today.  The requirement is one card and two one page layouts.  I don't expect to win, but it was fun making the projects...and like my DH says, you can't win if you don't enter!  I'll be sure to share them once the contest closes and I am allowed.  This contest is open to customers HERE to see what it is all about.  But you need to hurry, because there is less than a week left to get your entry submitted!


  1. You are so funny! I love it! I like the pumpkin card a lot and I am so excited to see your contest entries!

  2. I had a praying mantis on my bedroom window screen last weekend!

    Lisa C. :)

  3. Very cute card! I am anxious to see your card and layouts! I follow the contest on Shelli's Blog! Never knew it was opened to customers!