Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15...I'm grateful for...!  This is a repeat from last year, I know, but I do love me a cuppa joe!  Now I am a coffee snob, and love rich bold coffees,  Folger's Black Silk is my one of my favorites, with Dunkin' Donuts brand another favorite.  I will condescend and drink regular ole' coffee if pressed, but not my favorite by any means.  Another quirk is I use creamer, my preference being CoffeeMate Original.  I don't care for those flavored ones....just give me the original cream flavor!  I used to drink my coffee black at home, and added cream when I was out.  The last few years I have progressed to always using cream.  I only drink black coffee now when cream isn't available.  Go figure!

My card today is another My Digital Studio creation, using the Autumn Spice background papers.  So quick and easy! 

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  1. Oh Girlfriend I am with you on COFFEE!!! Ummmm...Black Silk, so smooth, and ALWAYS CoffeeMate Original. You do make the MDS so tempting!!!