Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 23...I'm grateful for...

...paid time off!  I know, another silly one!  But, I am going to be off work starting tomorrow, and won't go back to the office until Thursday, Dec 2nd!  I love tagging vacation days onto holidays...it makes me think I am getting a long time off! 

Tomorrow I will be finishing up the gifts I am making the girls in my family to hand out at Thanksgiving.  Tomorrow I will also be making fruit salad for my contribution to our family's Thanksgiving dinner.  I don't plan to be a Black Friday shopper, so I can stay home and relax!

Today's card is made with, of course, My Digital Studio!

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1 comment:

  1. Okay, I am commenting on three days!!!! I am so far behind on getting on my laptop! Love Cheerios!!!! Kept the kids quiet while they were young! :-D Loved the warm weather also, gave the young ones a chance to play out for a while! Paid time off is nothing I know about! I am always on call, except when I was in the hospital on bedrest with babies. Of course, I was paying someone for that!!!! lol You do a wonderful job with your MDS! Where do you find time to play!