Wednesday, November 03, 2010

November 3...I'm grateful for... in the United States and enjoying the freedom to vote for whomever I wish!   Smiley from

Even though I am not pleased with how our political system has been operating in recent years, and I'm not sure about any of our country's leaders, I did vote yesterday which means I earned the right to gripe!  Smiley from

The card I made this morning is from My Digital Studio again, and quick to put together.  I used some satin ribbon, which even digitally looks like the real thing!

I notice a lot of people have taken my idea and making it their own on Facebook or their own blogs.  I love it!  We need to do more of this...take a minute to stop and really think about all the blessings we have in our lives, even when we are going through tough times.  I so enjoy reading everyone's comments too.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by!


  1. I like that card a lot! The digital satin looks great! Thanks for allowing all of us to take a que from you and do our own "thankful for"'s. :-)

  2. Your cards are amazing! It does not matter if it is digital or ink! I agree with being thankful for the good ol' United States of America! I am thankful for those who fought for our country and those women of by gone years that fought to give us women a right to vote. I am glad that my parents instilled in me the value of the voting citizen.

  3. Thanks Kathy for making me want MORE product....sheesh!