Thursday, November 04, 2010

November 4...I'm grateful for...

...the food on my table.  I am so bad about taking things for granted.  I know that I am grateful for my family, both immediate and extended, and I really don't have to say that out loud, because I think I let them know.  But I want this month to be about the little things that make my life what it is.

Back to the food...I just assume I will come home and DH will have dinner ready to eat.  Now that he is retired, he has assumed most of the house duties.  I just assume it will be good, nutritious food and that I will like it   .Smiley from   I really don't think that there may be a day when I don't have the choices I have.  I don't consider that there may be a day that I am struggling to find something to eat.  I really need to be more vocal about my blessings, and be grateful for each meal I get to eat.

This card uses the flourish from Baroque Motifs, and some of the Chantilly lace trim.  Isn't it lovely?  Not alot of "stuff" on this one.  Just a few buttons, some lace, and pouf!  All done!

Yikes, I'm late for work....see you tomorrow!

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  1. Beautiful card!!!! I am going to have to break down one day and buy the Baroque motifs! I just love the swirl!!! I am with you being thankful for food! My cupboards have never been totally bare, but a time or two it's been close! I am thankful that even if I have had to eat something I did not really like, I at least had something!