Tuesday, November 09, 2010

November 9...I'm grateful for...

...seasons!  Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter....all of them!  Now granted, one of them I am not so enthralled with, but the other three all have special things that I love! 

Winter, of course, I don't really care for, other than it makes me appreciate the other three all the more!  It would be okay if the snow and ice kept off the roads, so I am not terrified to drive to work.  Otherwise, it could be fun season too.

Spring, Summer and Fall all have changes that I love!  Spring brings new life in blooms and tree buds,  Summer shows growth and warmth, and Fall has the changing colors and shedding as everything gets ready for the cold of Winter.

I promised two cards today, since I didn't have one ready yesterday.  I had time this morning to watch the training videos again for My Digital Studio and these two cards are the result of some of the tricks I picked up.

These were fun to make and only took about an hour total.  I took about 15 minutes of that hour to fiddle with the embellishments.  So fun!

Have you been thinking of things you are grateful for?  I hope so.  I know I am so blessed, and I am grateful for everyone and everything in my life.  Including YOU!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love the bird card! So pretty! I am thankful for the seasons also. I care less for the summer season and prefer fall to them all! I am glad to see all the colors with each season including the drab colors of winter. Thanks for sharing your talent!!!