Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Start of a New Year!

Can you believe it is the New Year?  Wasn't summer just here?

As many of you have, or will do, I sat down this morning to consider the coming new year.  I decided to design a scrapbook page that illustrates my New Year's resolutions.  Yes, me...the world's biggest procrastinator! 

I thought, and thought about how I wanted to spend these next 365 days.  How did I want to improve as a person and therefore enjoy these next days more.

The number one thing I know I have to do is exercise!  I need to move more, be more active, don't spend my evenings glued to my computer screen!  This is going to be hard to do.  I hope to be able to buy a treadmill, since I am not a gym person, and listen to my Outlander series audio books while I walk away the miles!

I know I need to eat healthier.  My DH and I both could use more portion control and a better choice of foods.  Hand in hand with this one is to eat out less.  This in turns translates to spending less money (although it doesn't address the stamp budget, now does it?)

I want to spend more time stamping and creating just for the heck of it!  Then I will be able to send out more cards to people who may need a little "I care" therapy.  This would also help me be able to blog more consistently.  If I have new projects completed, I can share them with you all! 

Then there are the files....I have to organize my files!  Not only my business files but my household files!  We are being overrun by paper, and I know I have much that I can shred!  This would help in my de-cluttering!  Agree?

And lastly, I resolve to take time each day to stop and smell the roses.  I think I do a pretty good job of that already.  I enjoy the sunrise on my way to work, I listen to the birds at lunch, and I enjoy spending time with DH at dinner.  But I need to do more of this.  I need to feed my soul with the beauty that surrounds me every day.

I resolve...


  1. Love your page. Love your resolutions. I know you will be as successful as you want to be for all of them! I too will be eating better and exercising! Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year! Wow! Can I copy your resolutions? Sounds exactly like what I need to do! :-) I love the way you have pulled your list together! What a wonderful way to be reminded!

    P.S. Twenty-three days until Sale-A-Bration starts!!!!!! Yes! I can hardly wait!

  3. I think we could have the same page! My resolutions are so very similar. I got started on the paperwork thing last year and it is VERY free-ing. Good luck to you!I loved your idea to create a page. Do you usually print them or just create them?

  4. Is the Outlander series the Diana Gabaldon ones? That's what I'm reading :)
    Love your resolutions, I need to copy them too.