Thursday, January 27, 2011


As I posted a few weeks ago, we have a new cat.  Well, actually he isn't "new", he is almost 4 years old, but he is new to us!  We acquired him when a cousin in Georgia needed to find him a new home due to her son's developing allergies.

So, Jefferson Maxwell has been here for almost 3 weeks now and has acclimated himself to our routines (and trained us to some new ones) pretty well by now.  He is a Flame Point Ragdoll breed and is the most unusual cat I have ever had.  We haven't had a pet for more than 12 years, so it has been fun getting to know Jefferson.  He follows us around like a puppy, and has the loudest purr I have ever heard!

Anyway, I recently got a card in the mail from my sister and when I opened it up found a gift card for PetSmart.  She had written "buy something for Jeffrey".  Wasn't that cool?  So I figured I would send her a card, somehow incorporating a picture of Jefferson Maxwell, to thank her for her thoughtfulness.

I cropped one of the photos (yes, I have a few to choose from) really close in and erased some of the distracting background.  Then I pulled it into My Digital Studio to stamp "Thanks" on the picture and print it out.  I layered the picture on some Designer Series paper from the Neutrals pack on a Basic Black card base.
It turned out so cute!  He looks dreamy!

I also scrapped a page of him playing with a of his favorite "toys".  Too fun!


  1. what a pretty cat. I love his name, it's very regal sounding.

  2. A very handsome Jefferson Maxwell! You did an awesome job on the photo! WOW! If I ever get a killer straw I know who I am going to call!!!~~Christy

  3. He is so precious! I am in love with him after only meeting him once! Thanks for sharing these pics of him with us!

    Lisa C.