Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcome Jeffrey-Maxwell

I don't know what's wrong with me.  I have not felt creative at all this past week or so, which is why there have been no posts.  I did have a workshop on Saturday and one of my stamp clubs on Sunday, and that helped get me stamping, but I am not inclined to go into the Ink Pad just for fun.

Maybe because we added a pet to the household....a 4 year old, male, Ragdoll Flamepoint cat called Jeffrey.  I hope to change his name to Maxwell, since he looks like a Maxwell to me, but not sure that is going to work.  So I am calling him Jeffrey-Maxwell hoping that I can drop the Jeffrey in a few months.  He is a gorgeous cat, and he is doing a bit better about coming out of his "safe room", although still jumpy.  I hope in another week he will be feeling much safer and will socialize more.

I have also been very busy at work, with new hires and orientations, so I am really tired when I get home at night. Maybe all of that is making my MoJo disappear!

I will share one of the projects for this month's club projects.  I used new product that is in the Occasions mini, which just went live.  There is a new embossing folder called Framed Tulips which is very cool!  I also used a new stamp set for Valentine's Day called Valentine Defined which has lots of fun images.  Lastly, I used a new paper called Glimmer Paper.  This is what the punched hearts are made of.  This paper is so glittery, and with no mess!  I am hoping, hoping, hoping that this will become available in other colors soon!   This picture doesn't do the glitter justice.  It is so very cool! Oh, and I love the pair of storks too!

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  1. Well Hello Jeffery-Maxwell! Welcome to the Stampin' Up! Family!!! I am pleased as punch to meet you! I just know you will enjoy your new home with a new Mommy and Daddy! They are the tops! You will have so many new friends! If you ever want to try your paw at Stampin' Up!, you are in the right place! Let your new momma know that her Valentine card is soooo cute!! Love the Framed Tulips embossing folder! It is the "new" must have!!!! Looking forward to our formal meeting at club!!!