Sunday, February 06, 2011

Valentine's Day is comin'...

I hope you have your Valentines all made and ready to mail or hand you?Smiley from

Well, not to worry, there still is another week! I am in this usual!  I did make it into the classroom a bit this morning and had fun making a few cards and trying out a new technique.  Some of you may have already learned of the "inlaid embossing" technique?  It is really quite simple and provides such a stunning look that I am ashamed to say this is my first try at it!

All you need to do is punch out your accent images, in my case here they are hearts, adhere them to your layer piece, and run it through your Big Shot machine, using one of your tightly imaged embossing folders.  I used the Square Lattice in my card.  It comes out looking like it is all one layer, the embossing imbeds the pieces so tightly you cannot tell they were separate pieces!  Honest!  See for yourself...

This second card just uses some of my very favorite Glimmer Paper for accents, with the embossing folder Elegant Lines used on the Whisper White layer.  I added some Rhinestones for added bling.  (Not so sure I am wild about this one though.)

Yesterday we had to replace our dryer.  Always a fun job to replace an appliance of any sort, and DH was sure he could do this by himself.  I had been really sick during the previous night with a stomach bug of some sort...yucko! I wasn't going to be any help to him at all.  Because, you know, I am always helpful! Smiley from  I called DS to see if he could go and help his Dad with this task.  Of course he said he would and when they arrived they brought me these pretty roses!  What sweet kids!

Oh yeah, before you go, see who my helper was this morning...yes, Jefferson-Maxwell has settled in quite well!


  1. Jeffrey is adorable!

  2. Never thought of layering and THEN embossing!!!!! Will have to give it a try! Kind of like the rhinestone. I love the layering! Hope you are feeling better!! I am FOREVER waiting for that UPS to get here!!!! :-)~~Christy