Sunday, April 03, 2011

Final Four and yes, some stamping!

Well, anyone who follows college basketball and lives in the vicinity of Indianapolis, knows that Butler has made it to the championship game for the second year in a row!  Even with the girls basketball Final Four games hosted here in Indianapolis, there really hasn't been a lot of coverage through the media.  So, all I can say about that is "Go Dawgs!"  Hopefully, I will be posting a congrats post on Tuesday morning!

My DH has been out of town this weekend, helping coach the women's ice hockey team in a tournament in Detroit.  They have done fairly well overall, so will find out all the details when he gets home early this afternoon.   This morning I actually got some time in the Ink Pad and made this fun money card.

Many of you know I usually get my ideas from surfing the hundreds of blogs in my Google Reader.  This cute idea came from Linda Keal, a demo from Texas.  I did change it a tiny bit, colors and such, and found it fairly easy to make.

When was the last time you used your crimper?  Do you even have one?  Well, I confess...mine has been on the top of my file cabinet in the Ink Pad collecting dust.  So I dusted it off and used it on the min-envelope that became the holder for the money card.

You can quarter fold your money and it fits right inside the card, that in turn will fit into the crimped envelope.  How cool is this?


  1. LOVE THAT STAMP ON THE FRONT!!!!! I recognized it right away!!! Can hardly wait! Love the money holder! Such a cute idea!

  2. Beautiful! You are so talented! So sorry about the DAWGS, though! Maybe next year!


  3. That is so cute! I surf tons of blogs on my google reader too! Including yours. I love it. I steal, I mean am inspired by so many ideas I see!

    Have a great week!