Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I've already had a great Mother's Day and it isn't even noon yet!  Since my son works on Sundays, he and DDIL took us out for dinner yesterday!  Then DH took me out for breakfast this morning and, in honor of National Scrapbooking month, I have been designing scrapbook pages in My Digital Studio since coming home.  How's that for a great time?

Actually, I have been thinking of MY mother...and how much I miss, even though she has been gone more than 10 years, here is a page I designed this morning.  I know this looks like I spent hours designing this page, but I have to confess that I used a template from MDS and just changed up a few things, papers and colors and such!  This program is so much fun!  I love this picture of her, taken on her 80th birthday back in 1997.  She was an awesome lady, and for sure made me who I am today.  I love you, Mom!

And because I needed to toot my own horn a is the page I designed with photos from last evening.  My DDIL Angela was charged with taking a shot of Nick and I so I could do a blog post, and got a bit carried away with the camera!  I don't know if she thought she was on a photo shoot or what, but we all were laughing so hard!  I have the best times with those two nuts!

They got me a lovely necklace, which surprised and delighted me.  The gift bag also contained another gift....this one.  I cracked up!  I'm so glad they realize that I AM the Queen Mother.

Ta for now...I'll post about our Florida trip tomorrow...

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  1. Oh Kathy! You are home and all is well!!! ;-) Missed your blog so much! Your page on your Mom was wonderful, and your's and Nick's was grand! He looks so good!!!! Can Angela make me look that good also? Looking forward to hearing about your trip and can't wait 'til club!