Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back to the grind...

I came home from Convention and immediately got involved in work stuff!  I moved my work space from my shared office to a private office and I spent the week getting everything settled and placed.  It looks fairly good, just don't look in my files yet!  Some of those are still a mess!

DS and DH came last Wednesday and moved desks and files and such, because you know, one move translates to a domino effect with others, so I was displacing one co worker, my roomie was moving to my old space, and the co worker was taking her old space.  See what I mean?  Anyway, thanks to my guys, we got it all done.

The coolest thing about the move, other than being able to have confidential meetings with employees, is the half round table that the guys attached to a wall in my new office.  This allows me to sit with a new hire as we do the orientation, or talk FMLA details with an employee.  (Remember, I work with more than 100 females, most of which are child-bearing age).  I have discovered that with the fluorescent lighting, this table is a great  spot to take photos of my creations!  See what I mean?  These are flowers DH brought me to celebrate my "office-warming".  He is so sweet!  And they still look good at almost a week old!

This last photo is one of a class I took at Convention called "Village of Cuteness".  We got a bag full of SU! product along with these wood shapes to paint and embellish.  I did some of the work at Convention, but didn't finish them until Sunday, since I didn't want to damage them on the plane ride home.  They really turned out cute!  I need to have DH cut some of these shapes so I can try designing a Christmas village.  What do you think?  Would you take a class?


  1. Cute, Cute, Cute!!!!! Love the idea of making a Christmas village!

    Lisa :)

  2. Count me in for a class if you decide to do one!!! CUTE!

  3. So cute!! I would love to do that class! Especially if you did a Christmas village!!