Friday, July 15, 2011

Day Two about done...

This will be a quick post, since I have to be back over at the Convention Center - at the total OTHER end, I might add - to do my class "Village of Cuteness".

Today was my 20K march across stage - no picturs of me, since I'm solo - but the symbol is here :-)

Today was filled with classes, lunch, and swaps.  This picture shows the line for my WOW swap - 122 crazy stampers!  But it was such fun!  I can't wait to get some down time so I can look at what I received!

Lastly, the afternoon general session included Shelli's stamping demonstration with her daugher, Shalae.  She showed this over the top scrapbook page, forgive the photo, but it was taken off the Jumbotron.  I plan to get better photos when I visit the Gathering Place to see it in on display.  Isn't it gorgeous?

So, once again I am off to another event.  Sleeping is at a premium here this week, so hopefully I can get a bit of it tonight!  See you tomorrow!!!


  1. I wish I did scrap booking! The page is beautiful! Hmm...revised maybe an extra special card for someone! Have fun and enjoy your last day or so!

  2. Congrats on the march accomplishment. Maybe you could put out a request on demo message boards for anyone who took photos of that march to contact you to see if they happened to catch you in their photos. Describe your hair color, what you wore, etc. You never know, you might get lucky!