Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yes, I am still here and other stuff!

Bet you all thought I had vanished in the middle of the night!  Well, sorry 'bout that, but I really have no excuse to offer.  You guys aren't interested in excuses anyway, so let me bring you up to date.

I had a birthday, yes, 39 AGAIN!  How many of these can I have?  My co-workers got me balloons, a Kohl's gift card and cake.  Take a look at the mylar balloon - is that me, or what?

I was suitably spoiled by DH, who gave me roses (see them in the picture above?) and a new robe and pretty top, as well as my very favorite candy - Fanny May dark chocolate vanilla buttercreams!  OMG!  Sorry Weightwatchers!

Then DS and DDIL took us out to my favorite chinese place for dinner...and I had to wear a tiara and carry this huge balloon into the restaurant.

They also spoiled me with gift cards and a new holiday sweatshirt and birthday cake.  With all these gift cards, guess I'll be shopping this weekend!  Darn...the sacrifices I have to make!  Anyway, with all this going on, no wonder the server knew it was my birthday and brought me cheesecake with a birthday candle!  (no, I don't have icing on my chin - it is a reflection....I think!)

So, all in all I had an awesome birthday...and the celebration isn't over yet, my sisters are taking me to dinner tomorrow evening!

Midst all this frivolity, I have been stamping some.  I had two rounds of club meetings, and we did some cute, cute projects.  I still have to take photos of them, so I'll post again later today and share!

Thanks for hanging in with me.  You know, November is not far away, and yes, I'll be doing the daily "I'm thankful for...." posts again!  See you again in a few hours!

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  1. Happy, happy birthay to the bestest demonstrator!!!!! Looks like your day was wonderful!