Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 17 - I'm Thankful for...

...rain! Yes, I said least we can be lazy without feeling like we are missing something. :-). It has been raining overnight, so it is a lazy morning. We've had breakfast and are just lazing around, waiting for the sun to come out and dry everything off. Tonight we go to the hockey game in downtown Tampa so that should be a fun evening. We have no idea how it will be for parking, but plan to leave way early so we have time to circle the forum. We will probably visit the sand sculpting area for a few progress pics, then back to the beach if the weather is cooperating. We plan to spend most of the day tomorrow at the sand sculpting area to watch them in action. Can't believe it will be time to come home in a couple of days.


  1. I am still hanging with you everyday!!! Love all the updates & yes, I go to FB and look at the photos too!!!

    Have fun at the hockey game tonight!!! JEALOUS!!!!

    Lisa C.

  2. Have a fun evening! Hope the weather cooperates for the sculpting tomorrow!