Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 22 - I'm Thankful for...

...my camera!  I take pictures ALL the time, of everybody, everything.  I will snap a photo of something that "might" be interesting on a scrapbook page.  I snap a photo of someone being silly.  I snap photos of projects that I could make. I save them all! So I have lots of photos on my external hard drive.  With digital capabilities nowadays, there is no expense in getting them developed so why not snap away?  Now mind you, do I ever delete any?  Well, many of the pictures are not the best, and I am taking an online class to help me learn a photo flow as I download pictures from my camera.  I haven't yet found my flow, but I am doing better in deleting the awful pictures as I download.  I still have lots of files to go through though!

Today's project is a swap from Regional again.  This is so simple, and many times, simple is best!

This card uses the lace ribbon border punch, with the 1/8" ribbon woven through it.  I love this look!  The images are all from a stamp set called "Best of Everything", which I never paid attention to before.  Hrmph...looks like this should be on my next order!  :-)

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  1. What a cute card! Why haven't I seen that stamp set before? Must have been omitted from my catalog! *smile* I'm with you, order it so we can play in stamp club! (just kidding!)