Monday, December 26, 2011

Did you wonder where I went?

Well, I've been in a slump...and the holidays were here with all that craziness...and stuff was happening at work...and I had a bad respiratory thing....and I was lazy.  Okay?  There I admit it!  So let's move on, shall we?  :-)

Day after Christmas, all the hubbub has died down, off work and I am able to just veg all day.  Love when I get the day off after Christmas.  We had a wonderful Christmas.  Oh my gosh, it was so fun to spend time with family.  Christmas Eve was my family gathering with good food and fun times, then Sunday morning DS and DDIL came over for our exchange.  Lots of presents and surprises!  What great fun!

I did make some fun gift tags for my "girl" gifts for the family gathering, as well as use some of the Stampin' Up! packing paper to wrap them with!

DS and DDIL moved on to her family gathering in the afternoon, but she cooked a spiral ham here for that gathering and it smelled so good!  So...when DH gets up from his nap...guess where he will go?  Yep, to the store to get sandwich makin's and a spiral ham.  I so want a good ham sandwich!  :-)  Maybe it will help with the bad, bad headache I woke up with today.

Here is my family.  He got her a Coach purse.  She got him an iPad2.  Both totally surprised each other!  (Oh, I got him the hat and gloves!  :-P)

And for those who may wonder, Jefferson wasn't forgotten either.  Actually we got a phone call the day before Christmas eve saying "go check the mail box"...and this is what was there!  His very own stocking, filled with treats and toys!

So a great holiday season comes to an end and now the reality sets in.  Back to Weightwatchers and trying to get healthier.   We are going on a cruise early in February, so a lot of work is ahead of me!

I hope you all had a great holiday.  I want to close this post with prayers for strength and peace to some friends who are experiencing difficult times right now with close family members.  Missie and Lisa, I'm thinking of you.

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  1. Welcome back!! What a wonderful weekend! Had a wonderful time with you! Love you lot!!