Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dazzling Detail - in colors!

You may be a glitter queen like myself and love bling on all your projects.  But I recently discovered something that made me squeal with delight.  Dazzling Detail - in any color that you want!  Did you know you can do that?  I can't take credit for the idea, because I saw it on a blog that I'm sorry to say I don't know whose it was.  But consider the photos below and you too can have bling in every color you like!

To get to the actual Dazzling Details and the colors...just pry off the little "nozzle" from the bottle, add two or three drops of your favorite Stampin' Up! re-inker color, stir a bit with a toothpick, replace the nozzle and lid, then shake the heck out of it!  That is the hardest part, but you have to do it so the color get dispersed throughout the Dazzling Details.

Since the Dazzling Detail is basically a glitter glue, you probably should store the bottles tip down, so the contents are pulled to the tips and therefore air bubbles don't form to cause problems when you go to use them.  But...how do you do that?  If you have a handy DH, or are handy yourself with a router and a saw, you can make something from a piece of wood that will do the trick.

However, if you aren't handy, then go get some PVC connectors from your local hardware store, I got the 1/2" size, they come 10 to a bag and cost less than $3.00.  This is what you will look for:

Next, get out your glue gun and fire it up.  When your glue is warm, start gluing the pieces together.  You can glue as many or as few pieces as you want.  I had this narrow plastic tub that I figured would work.  So I glued several pieces together in a staggered fashion so they would fit in the tub.  I also added some glue to the bottom of the tub, so the whole piece would stay in the tub.

Once I have a few bottles mixed, I like to apply a punched circle of card stock to the bottom of the bottle, so I know what color it is.  See?

Now I can store my Dazzling Details tip down, and will be able to know what colors I have to chose from.

Isn't that brilliant?  Thanks to the genius who thought up this idea!

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  1. Love it! But such a chicken to try it! Hey, congrats on the promo!