Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back Home Again...

...in Indiana.  If you are a Hoosier, then you know the rest of that song!  I returned to work today, under duress, I might add, but they missed me so that is a good thing.

Convention was awesome and I am reeling with information and great ideas to share with you all!  One of the classes I took mentioned the need to have a large "online" presence, so I now have a new FaceBook business page!  Please click HERE to go visit and then be sure to "like" my page.  I hope to put samples and tips and such there, as well as here too,  and will aim to have different content at both places, so you won't be re-reading the same thing.  If you don't HAVE a Facebook page (ChristyC!) then you need to let me know if you can still see my page when you click on the link.  

One of the attractions at Convention besides classes and stamping are the swaps and display boards.  There is so much inspiration to absorb!  I take picture after picture of all the projects the other talented demonstrators have sent in to Stampin' Up! headquarters.  It is truly inspiring.

One project that was on display is this paper dress by Erica Cerwin.  Is this not awesome?

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  1. Oh Kathy you are so great! You think of everything! I tried the HERE on your page and got nowhere. I cannot access the facebook since I am an Old Fogey and do not have it! Maybe if I stay in good graces with Daughter #2 she MAY share when you post!