Saturday, July 21, 2012

Can Convention get any better?

Why yes it can!

At the first general session on Thursday, I was sitting in the back of the auditorium by myself since I went solo this year, when this cute SU employee with a big smile on her face and a big badge that said "You Crew" asked if I was alone.  I replied yes, and she asked if I wanted to sit down front!  After thinking for a micro-second I agreed to follow her to the front center section to a seat 5 rows from the stage!  How fun is that?

I sat next to the sweetest gal from Las Vegas and as we got talking I discovered that she was one of the Top Ten Winners in the Stampin' Up! contest for the Artisan Award!  I think they said they had received 230+ entries this year, and the judges chose 20 to be considered finalists.  Then the top 10 winners found out when they checked in on Wednesday.  All the Artisans had their work on display and her submission was awesome.  I could see why she won!  Her name is Jeanna Bohanon and she so rocks!  What a sweetheart!  Of course, I was already following her blog, so I consider myself a groupie!

And THEN....can you say "Prize Patrol"?  At check in every year, in your bag is a paper bracelet that you must bring to every general session so that you can claim a prize if your color and pattern is selected.  Well, during the morning session....mine was called and I won the Ornament Keepsake bundle - stamp set and Big Shot Framelits!  I haven't won a prize in years!  I was so happy!

So it has been an eventful day.  We have had such great classes.  One I attended today called "I Am Earning An Incentive Trip" was lead by Karen Hauley and provided lots of good tips and tools to help us realize that we can earn one of those trips.  I came away from that session enthused to set some goals and work towards that end.

So now I am back at my hotel, eating a late dinner, and letting you in on a few of my highlights from today.  Tomorrow is the last day of convention....sigh.  There is to be a big announcement at the closing session, and we are all dying to find out what it is!  Stay tuned!


  1. Dear Kathy
    I hope the tips you heard in the Incentive Trip Class were helpful. And I hope you DO earn the Caribbean Cruise!! Glad you enjoyed convention. God Bless, Cynthia Millan

  2. I can't believe I am JUST NOW seeing this! Things have been a little crazy. You are so sweet Kathy, I so enjoyed sitting with you during conention and I appreciate the sweet post.

  3. Hey! I think I took that picture!!! (Hi Jeanna!) Hehehehe! So happy you enjoyed convention and it looks like you are very lucky!