Friday, November 23, 2012

I'm thankful for...

...being able to share my Thanksgiving meal with all my family but three nieces!  We had such a wonderful time catching up and, of course, eating delicious food!  Today, I am cooking a small turkey for John and I so we can have our own delicious dinner this evening.  My house smells wonderful!

I'm sorry that I bombed on the thankful posts this year.  My only excuse is that my routine has been so completely discombobulated with the flooring replacement prep and installation.  We have been working really hard getting everything back in place and purging some things we have no use for anymore.  I am excited to report that the classroom is almost up and running again!  Yay!!!  I hope to have some projects to share tomorrow.

I will also be posting again in just a bit.  I have an exciting blog candy to share, so be sure to check back later today!

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