Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Leadership Review and Wow! What a bug!

Gee whiz!  I can't remember the last time I was so sick! Finally, I have turned the corner and actually feel human again!  It was a virus, so I could only treat the symptoms, but I really suffered.  It started while I was away at the Stampin Up' Leadership conference in Orlando two weeks ago.  First a sore throat, then a cough. Throat got much more sore by the time to come home, so I brought it home with me and graciously shared with my dear Hubby!  He has really been down these past several days - same symptoms - and hopefully is rounding the corner to wellness too.

I promise not to share that bug with you, but I do want to share some Leadership fun!  It was such a great conference, even though I was traveling solo, I wasn't an orphan long, since stampers are so friendly, I frequently found a pal to walk with, eat with, or just talk to and share ideas.  Lots and lots of great ideas to bring back to our businesses and implement.  Here is a picture of a couple pals to allowed me to hang out with them at the Manager's Reception.  See the fun snacks we had?

The highlight of the whole trip, of course, was to get a photo with Shelli!  She is so gracious and warm!  She and Sterling have applied for a mission with their church (LDS) and are waiting to hear where they will go.  I will miss seeing her at Convention this year!

I was a lucky Prize Patrol winner!  This one must have been popular!  See them all stacked up on the cart?

There were many "all attendee" give-aways and so I came home with lots of goodies - glad I had extra room in my suitcase!  I would have hated to leave dirty clothes behind!  :-D  Here is a picture of all the free stuff we got!  I really like this year's bag!

Finally, I did a bit of card front swapping.  I will share some of them in the following days.  

Check back in a few days to see the details....there are lots of great swaps!

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