Saturday, March 05, 2016

Silver Elite!

I received a fun package in the mail yesterday!

Next week I will celebrate my 13th anniversary with Stampin' Up! 

When I joined this company back then, I had just discovered rubber stamping and wanted EVERYTHING!  Actually, it was my son's then girlfriend who introduced me to SU!  Her aunt was a demonstrator and I was invited to a workshop.  Being a potential new mother-in-law who wanted to make a good impression, of course I agreed!  The rest is history!  Within a few short months of that workshop, I was an official demonstrator!  (And a year later, the girlfriend became my daughter-in-love!)

Of course, I simply joined to get the discount.  Who doesn't want to feed their craft habit at a discount?  But I soon realized that people needed to know about these great products!  I started holding workshops and classes, then started some clubs, and fast forward to now, and I have a small downline and am a Silver Elite!

I absolutely never thought I would be in direct sales, let alone party sales, but it is such a fun progression, that I have never looked back.  I can work as hard or as little as I want, and can't even count the number of great friends I have gained in these 13 years.

Are you looking for a creative outlet?  Want some extra money, but need a flexible schedule?  Talk to me!  I can give you the all the details, but if you hurry, now to the end of March, you can get $155 in products for only the $99 starter kit fee!  That's an additional $30!  Click on the "Join My Team" button in the left sidebar to see more. 

We will have such fun!

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